Hal Knows A Guy: A Great Experience With Big Steel Box!

BigSteelBox is a great way to store and move your stuff.

I love to tell you when I have a great experience with a company. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about BigSteelBox!

A few months back, I realized I had way too much stuff in my home. I had tons of stuff inside, and a bunch of stuff outside.

I also have an outbuilding on my property that I’m putting a studio in, and you guessed – it was full of junk too! I even had some hotdog carts in there.

I needed to put all that stuff somewhere, but where was it all going to go?

That’s when I called BigSteel Box for help.

Quick, Quality Service

With just one quick phone call BigSteelBox showed up and delivered two 20 foot storage containers. I packed everything up and it’s worked out great.

BigSteelBox is a great way to store and move your stuff. They deliver the box, and then you can pack your stuff at your own pace. I never felt rushed at all.

Plus, BigSteelBox moves it all for you. You can store your stuff at your own property or at one of their 20+ secure locations across Canada.

Instead of having to contact a separate storage company, then a moving company, BigSteelBox takes care of it all.

I can’t tell you how big a relief it is not to have to worry about transporting everything.

Helping Make Your Move Easy

If you’re moving, BigSteelBox has 8ft, 10ft, and 20ft size options to help make it easy. Their basic moving service includes one month’s rent for the Box, delivery to your home, loaded move to your new place, and an empty pick-up when you’re finished with the box. Plus, if you’re between homes, they can store your box at their location until your new home is ready.

And if you’re renovating your house and you need a place to put your stuff, BigSteelBox is the answer.


Keeping Your Stuff Safe

BigSteelBoxes are made of corten steel which protects your stuff from tough weather conditions. That comes in real handy here in Manitoba! When winter storms hit, you’ll be glad your possessions are safe in a BigSteelBox. It’s safe from water damage too, so you don’t need to worry about floods wrecking your things.

BigSteelBoxes also come with a protective lock box to make sure the padlock is safe. Critters, bad weather, thieves, and anything else you can throw at it are no match for the BigSteelBox!

A Great Experience

I saved so much time and hassle with BigSteelBox. Their service was top-notch! The storage container is amazingly strong and I feel great knowing my stuff is safe. Plus, they took care of all the transportation!

As a first time customer, I had a great experience with BigSteelBox. I’m sure I’ll be using them a lot more in the future. I highly recommend them for your moving and storage needs!

For Storage on Demand, go to BigSteelBox.com!

Hal Anderson, MyToba News