Hal Knows A Gal: Affordability And Quality At Pearl & Birch Wedding Consignments

WINNIPEG, MB – There’s a new, first of its kind wedding boutique in Manitoba!

This week, it’s Hal Knows A Gal, and I’m excited to tell you about Pearl and Birch Wedding Consignments. Run by owner Amanda Murdock, Pearl and Birch WC is located at 539 St. Mary’s road in Winnipeg.

Pearl and Birch offers the services of traditional bridal salons, including dressing rooms, alterations and repairs, private fittings, private appointments. Plus, they have a full line of accessories, jewellery, veils and shoes.

What makes Pearl and Birch so unique is that they are the only store on the prairies offering full bridal salon services alongside full service wedding consignment services.

Their consignments are open to everyone, and Pearl and Birch strives to show how valued their consignors are in three key ways:

  • Valuing consigners by allowing them to choose the pricing of all their items.
  • Evaluating each contract individually to make sure it fits each consignors’ needs.
  • Flexibility: Making sure walk ins are always welcome. (Though appointments are recommended!)


Owner Amanda Murdock: Inspired by her own experience

Amanda Murdock was inspired by her own wedding experience, realizing how much was left over after her wedding. The boxes of decor, her wedding dress, and other wedding artefacts, were all hanging around because it was tough to let go of them.

Then, Murdock thought of how those pieces of her wedding could help future brides, making a beautiful and full wedding day available to more brides in an affordable way.

Amanda remembers the wonderful feeling of her own wedding day and says “Every bride deserves that feeling.  I am excited to serve Prairie brides in achieving their vision.  At Pearl and Birch we want to offer past brides a loving way to pass on their items.  I created this boutique to celebrate all love stories.”

As the only boutique of its kind in Manitoba, Pearl and Birch could very well become the one-stop-shop for prairie brides from Brandon, to Selkirk, to Carmen, and even Saskatchewan!


Connecting brides and their items

Pearl and Birch works to connect brides to their wedding items at an affordable price. At the same time, they provide a high-quality retail experience. It’s a combination of affordability and quality that will help bring joy to many brides across the prairies. It’s always great to see an ambitious Manitoba business providing a new type of service and thinking big!


Committed to an eco-conscious business

Being environmentally friendly is very important for Pearl and Birch. 80% of their interiors, as well as their equipment and fixtures are “reloved.” As Amanda says, “Whenever possible it is the principle of Pearl and Birch WC to remain committed to providing greener business practices and sustainable wedding choices.  A little planet love goes a long way!”


Not a second-hand shop

Pearl and Birch is not a second hand shop, it’s very different. Some of the dresses they offer are brand new, and most are made by designer labels.

For preloved items, Pearl and Birch honours the consignor’s memories and the desire of future brides to have the wedding of their dreams.

In many ways, they are an ambassador of the garments and wedding items shared by brides while they move on to a new love story.

By repurposing and reimagining fixtures and equipment, Pearl and Birch actively demonstrates their commitment to sustainability in their actions every single day.

Low-cost dry cleaning

Pearl and Birch offers dry cleaning at the lowest rate in Winnipeg for wedding dresses. This means they can dry clean right at the store, and complete the consignment all at once!


Supporting local

Pearl and Birch is deeply committed to supporting our local community. That’s why new items in their stores are locally made, either handmade or sourced from Canadian artisans and Canadian business whenever possible.

Above all, Pearl and Birch wants every customer to feel like a guest receiving personalized services and professional consulting. And after seeing Amanda Murdock’s deep commitment to helping future brides, I think the local community is going to love them!


Pearl and Birch: A unique and exciting Manitoba business!

I’m really excited by what I’ve seen from Amanda Murdock and Pearl and Birch. I think they’re going to be an amazing business and provide amazing services for brides in Manitoba and the prairies!

I encourage you to check out Pearl and Birch at 539 St. Mary’s road in Winnipeg. They are open Wednesday’s and Thursdays from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Friday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

For affordable, environmentally conscious, and high-quality wedding consignments, go to Pearl and Birch WC!

Hal Anderson