Hal Knows A Guy: Owners Help Owners At Garamark

Winnipeg, MB – Hey folks,

As I love to say, when I have a great experience with a company I love to tell you about it!

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about Garamark, an amazing company I deal with personally.

If you’re looking for property management services or a place to rent, you’re in luck because Hal Knows A Guy!


Garamark: Owners Helping Owners

Garamark believes in “Owners Helping Owners,” and they really live up to that. They’re professional, dedicated, and they have an amazing understanding of both my needs as a property owner, and the needs of tenants.

Garamark focuses on helping smaller property owners who have one or two properties. Dealing with Garamark feels like dealing with a family business. They really focus on building a sense of partnership and community. That’s something I really value.

Garamark always keeps me in the loop on what’s happening and they are hands-on in dealing with whatever comes up.

Best of all, I never get surprised with a big bill!

Working with Garamark has taken any worry out of managing my properties, and I’m very grateful for that!


Taking Great Care Of Tenants

As a property manager, my top concern is making sure my tenants are well taken care of. Garamark shares that concern and I really appreciate their care and dedication. I know my tenants appreciate it too!

Garamark has someone live on the line 24-7 to answer tenant calls, so tenants can always get help when they need it. When a tenant needs assistance, Garamark makes sure I know exactly what’s happening so we can get things fixed right away.

Garamark is also there to answer any questions a tenant may have and they provide many convenient options for rent payments. That always makes life easier!


Find A Great Place To Rent

Beyond their great service, Garamark is also an awesome resource to find a place to rent. On the Garamark website you can find a map with their rental locations, plus a menu to filter the options so you can find the perfect place!

Click Here to see the Garamark Property Rental Listings


Garamark is the Consumer’s Choice

Garamark is a great company and you can take my word for it!

And it’s not just me saying it. Garamark was voted the best property management company in the 2017 Consumer Choice Awards.

Garamark is committed to great service, and their award win shows their commitment is paying off.

I’ve had an amazing experience with Garamark and I know you will too!

I fully recommend you go with Garamark if you’re a property owner and if you’re looking for a place to rent. You’ll be glad you did!

For Professional Property Management and Great Rentals, go to GaramarkPropertyManagement.ca!

Hal Anderson