Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of April 11

Well, here we go with another week. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of this weather. It’s been way too cold for far too long. The good news is it looks like warmer temps are on the way. Forecasters are predicting upper teens by the weekend. I’ll certainly take that! Let’s just hope it sticks around, no more teasing.

I helped chase down a bad guy the other day. And as I said on Twitter, it was the most excitement I’ve had in years. As I was leaving a gas station, the thief ran by with a man close behind yelling, “Stop him, he just stole a laptop.” Another gas-station customer joined the foot chase and I took off in my truck in the same general direction. Had the guy gone right, he might have gotten away. But he hung a left and I was able to pull up alongside him. My buddy Ivan, who was in the passenger seat, opened his door and hopped out before I could come to a complete stop. Realizing he couldn’t outrun Ivan’s fresh legs, the bandit fell to the ground and the police were called. It’s nice to know there are still people out there willing to do the right thing. There was plenty of reaction to my Tweet. My favourite comment was #HalDoesntRunMuch.

Friends of mine have opened a spiritual centre and metaphysical shoppe and you’re invited to their grand opening this coming Saturday. Kristel and Darcy Kernaghan’s Divine Clarity is at 2071 Portage Avenue, across from the Assiniboine Park footbridge. There will be free presentations and over $2,000 in prizes, including a group medium reading. Kristel and Darcy have been helping people with their healing services, classes and workshops for almost a decade. I wish them many happy and prosperous years in their new home.

Fifty-two years ago this week, The Rolling Stones released their self-titled debut album. And the band just announced a new album is coming. This kind of question always brings on much discussion, but is there any other band that’s had such an impact for so long? I really don’t think so. Maybe the Beatles but they didn’t stay together like the Stones. Let the debate begin!

Just a reminder, I do a couple other things every week here on MyToba I’d like you to check out. There’s my Tuesday Trivia question for free Domino’s Pizza. And then every Friday, I interview my weather expert buddy Bruce Johnson.

Have a great week and enjoy the warmer weather when it gets here!

Hal Anderson