Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of April 18

It’s a big week. Manitobans go to the polls tomorrow. You can cast your ballot from eight o’clock in the morning until eight at night. To find out where and for answers to any questions you might have, go to electionsmanitoba.ca. As I’ve said here before, it’s not really important to me who you vote for, just make sure you vote–that is important.

Winnipeg’s spring cleanup is underway. So watch out for those temporary no-parking signs. They’ll be popping up everywhere and I don’t want you getting towed. City crews will spend the next several weeks tidying up the streets, sidewalks and back lanes. By the numbers, 500 workers will operate 300 pieces of equipment at a cost of six million dollars to collect 45,000 tonnes of sand and debris. Some people believe the biggest mess will be cleaned up tomorrow when voters elect a new provincial government.

Earth Day is coming up Friday. It always reminds me of a weekly news feature I did in the early ’90s on CKY TV called Down To Earth. That was long before it was cool to worry about the environment. My co-host was Barry Jansen, who at the time worked at Fort Whyte. Great guy! I’ll have to dig up an old episode in my boxes and boxes of VHS tapes so you can have a good laugh. By the way, Fort Whyte Alive will celebrate this year’s Earth Day on Sunday with a jam-packed lineup of activities, including a performance by children’s entertainer Al Simmons. All the details are at fortwhite.org.

An American movie theatre chain is thinking about making some of its theatres texting-friendly. Seriously? Apparently millennials think it’s just fine to use your cellphone during a movie. Come on, put your damn phone down and watch the flick. Did I just sound like my dad? Seriously though, I like my cell as much as the next person but trust me, you’ll survive a couple hours without it.

Speaking of movies, I finally watched Creed the other night. I was kind of holding off, not knowing what to expect and not wanting to be disappointed after all the great Rocky films. But Creed was amazing. And Sly Stallone was so good, he really should have won the Oscar.

I like to try and mention a charity event every week. This week, it’s the grand opening of the Purple Cactus Thrift Boutique. It’s coming up May 1st and will feature a fashion show and barbecue. Purple Cactus, at 130-Sherbrook, is a non-profit shop providing volunteer work experience for recovering addicts and people with mental health issues.

Have a great week!

Hal Anderson