Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of April 25

First off, congrats to Brian Pallister and his Tories on their big win! I’ve been a Tory supporter for a long time. While going to college in the early 80’s, I was a John Crosbie delegate at the leadership convention that picked Brian Mulroney. The polls during the campaign had Pallister’s PC’s way ahead but even as the positive results rolled in last Tuesday night, I was worried and nervous the NDP would somehow pull off another victory. I guess that’s what two decades of losing will do to you. I wonder if other right minded Manitobans dealt with those same emotions? At any rate, I’m happy the province will be lead by Conservatives now, I believe they’ll make a real difference. But that said, maybe my old radio pal Brian Barkley made the most sense when he wrote this on his Facebook page after the election…

“While not generally a PC guy, I also am not one who thinks my world will collapse if they are in power…my life may certainly be affected by politics but also not dominated by politics. I think it’s best that way.”

Before I move on from politics, a quick word about Greg Selinger. He was a weekly guest on my radio morning show for almost five years. I liked him then and still do. What I didn’t like was when he promised one thing and did another and I told him so, on air and in private. Despite all of it, I really think he tried to do his best for Manitobans. However, I’m hopeful Brian Pallister can do better. I guess that’s what elections are all about.

I’ve been spending more time on Facebook lately. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I am, by all the very personal info people share on their pages. I guess deep down, people want to tell others about the drama in their lives and it must be therapeutic in some way. I guess I don’t have to read it, do I?

This is the last week to get your taxes in! I’m actually ahead of the game this year, thanks in big part to my longtime accountant Kelly Coubrough who’s great about keeping me current. I met Kelly several years ago, we were in the same business club together. I knew it was time to give Kelly a call and ask him to be my guy when my then account actually looked me in the eyes during a meeting to discuss my taxes and said “math is hard.” Hey, at least he spelled guesstimate correctly on my return.

I’m not a big Prince fan (I do like a few of his songs though) but it was sad to hear about his death at such a young age. However, whether you like his stuff or not, you definitely have to respect his impact on music, fashion and pop culture in general. Since his death last week, anything Prince is getting lots of attention. TV shows are getting viewers, websites are getting hits and eight of the top 10 selling albums on iTunes right now are his. RIP Prince.

I hope you have an amazing week!

Hal Anderson