Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of August 15

WINNIPEG — I can’t believe August is half over! This summer has flown by! Moms and Dads better start thinking back to school if they’re not already. And I’ll be shutting down the cottage in less than a month. I always find that job sad, it reminds me winter is coming. And by the way, this winter could be colder and snowier according to my weather expert buddy Bruce Johnson. He says there are indications a La Nina is developing. Bruce also points to the leaves on some trees already turning. Make sure you check out Hal & Bruce’s Weekend Weather every Friday here at MyToba.

My wife Jackie is celebrating a milestone birthday today! And we just celebrated four years of marriage together! So she’s really been dominating my thoughts lately. Jackie is truly amazing! She begins everyday with such positivism, it can’t help but rub off on me. And that’s a good thing because after 30 years in the media, I can tend to be a bit negative. Her love and support are undying! And as you can see, she’s beautiful. But as I tell people, she’s even more beautiful on the inside. I love you Babe and happy birthday!

Jackie Anderson

It’s not often anymore that I see something on TV that blows me away but this blew me away! Check out this video out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana where a brave man saves a woman and her dog from a car that’s quickly sinking into muddy flood water. It’s amazing!

In gross news…reusable water bottles may be good for the environment but they can be bad for you. A new study says they very quickly get covered in bacteria. Up to a million colony-forming units of bacteria per square centimeter. To put this in perspective, my little Hershey’s favorite dog toy has less than 3,000 units of bacteria per centimeter. The study puts it this way, drinking from the same water bottle twice may be as bad as drinking from a toilet. To stay healthy, they say use a stainless steel bottle over a plastic one and thoroughly wash it after every use.

As I re-learn how to eat with my much smaller stomach (see my column over the past few weeks for details), I found something that might come in handy. It’s called a Chork. It’s a cross between a Chopstick and a Fork. Good idea or bad? I’m not sure yet…


Have a great week!

Hal Anderson