Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of August 22

WINNIPEG — Great job by Canadian athletes at the Rio Olympics! 22 Medals! And three Manitobans helped with the medal count! But my favorite moment came on the last day of the games when a Mongolian wrestling coach took off his clothes and protested the judges’ decision in his underwear.


Good luck to the Bombers Friday night in Montreal! I’m not exactly sure why but the team has really turned things around. They’ve won three in a row now and are tied with Edmonton for third in the West. Keep it up boys!

Sad to hear about Dick Assman passing away in Regina. He was 82. In 1995, David Letterman made Dick a big star by featuring him on his late night talk show. Yes, even I made a detour on a trip home to Alberta to get my tank filled by Dick. If you’re not familiar with Dick’s meteoric rise to fame, the CBC did this nice little video on it. RIP Dick.

Another summer blockbuster has tanked at the box office. Ben-Hur, which cost over $100 million to make, took in just $11 million on the weekend. And despite bad reviews, Suicide Squad continues to be the top movie. It took in another $20 million over the weekend.

This seems crazy to me but get ready for cars without pedals or even steering wheels. Ford is promising a fully autonomous vehicle by 2021 that needs no driver at all. It will apparently rely on a high-definition map to get around.

Have a great week!

Hal Anderson