Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of February 13th

WINNIPEG, MB – Happy Valentine’s Day! I held off posting my column for a day so I could say that. I hope you’re lucky like I am and you have someone special in your life. My wife Jackie and I are going to the Velvet Glove at the Fairmont Hotel tonight for a wonderful eight course dinner. But if you don’t have a significant other, you might want to consider getting a dog. Houndstooth Press is out with a list of reasons why a dog is the best kind of date for Valentine’s Day. Here are some of my favorites…

1). Your dog won’t hog the remote.
2). Your dog won’t drag you to things.
3). Your dog will socialize with all your friends.
4). Your dog will never leave you.

Lotsa people are very upset about Vince Li’s absolute discharge. He’s been getting more and more freedom over the years. He recently started living on his own. And now he won’t even be monitored to make sure he stays on his medication. That’s the one that really bothers me. I know a couple Schizophrenics and they always seem to want to go off their meds. And we know what’s possible when this Schizophrenic doesn’t take his pills. I feel so bad for Tim McLean’s mother Carol De Delley.

My buddy Big Daddy Tazz and some friends have a show coming up Friday night at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre. He’s raising money for local children’s charities. If you get a chance to go, it’ll be the best $25 you’ll ever spend.

Isn’t this weather crazy?!?!?! Right around the freezing mark for several days in the middle of February!!! And speaking of the weather, make sure you pay special attention this Saturday to Hal & Bruce’s Weekend Weather right here on MyToba. My weather expert buddy Bruce Johnson says the La Nina has faded and that could mean a warmer than expected spring. More on that Saturday.

Have a great week!

Hal Anderson