Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of January 9th

Winnipeg, Manitoba – So I watched the Golden Globes with my wife Jackie last night. She was on CTV Morning Live this morning talking about what everyone wore. Here’s the video.



Still with the Golden Globes, is it just me or do they need to move this awards show to a bigger venue. That little room was so packed the winners were tripping over and stepping on their fellow actors to get their awards. It was like the Hollywood Foreign Press held the event in the back room of a deli. And what’s with all the facial hair, every actor had a beard. They should have called it the Golden Hobos.

There’s been lots of discussion about Premier Pallister and the time he spends at his vacation home in Costa Rica. He says he’ll be down there six to eight weeks a year. I know many of you don’t like that but I’m okay with it. The guy is allowed to take holidays! Yes, six to eight weeks is more than most Manitobans get. But as long as he gets the job done, I really don’t care. Apparently the last guy didn’t take any time off at all and we know how that turned out. And as for him not using email, I guarantee you the people around him do and I’m sure they keep him in the loop over the phone. I would worry less about this and more about how he plans to deal with the province being more than one billion dollars in the red.

This is funny! Donald Trump’s tweets get a lot of attention. Well now, Mark Hamill is reading them in the Joker’s voice. You know, from Batman. This is great! Take a listen…

I told you here a while ago I was going to start doing more with Hal Knows A Guy. Well, I am. If you missed it, click here for my latest HKAG feature on BigSteelBox. More to come!

And I see they’ve finally opened the Red River Mutual Trail! So if you’ve been waiting for a nice long skate, you can finally go for it.

Have a great week!

Hal Anderson