Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of July 25

WINNIPEG, MB – I’ll be honest with you, its been tough coming up with more than one thought this week because all I’ve been thinking about is the surgery I’m about to have. I’ve battled my weight since I was a kid and I’ve decided it’s time for drastic action. My weight has been up and down and mostly up again for several years now. Up until a few years ago, my weight was mostly just an inconvenience. But now, it’s starting to affect my health. And I want to be around for a while. So this week, I’m going in for a Sleeve Gastrectomy. And for those of you who feel us obese people are an unnecessary strain on the health care system, you’ll be happy to know I’m paying for it myself. I’ve been preparing for this operation for over a year now. I lowered my daily calories to 2,000 and dropped 50 pounds on my own. And I’ve lost another 70 pounds in the past couple months drinking horrible tasting shakes and eating nothing but veggies. 120 pounds! I’m proud of that! Hopefully this procedure goes well and I can drop the rest of the weight I need to lose over the next year or two. Exciting but scary! I’ll tell you more next Monday.

If you missed it yesterday, the Bombers have named Matt Nichols their starter in Edmonton against the Eskimos Thursday night, benching their $400K #1 quarterback Drew Willy. Tough decision but I agree with it. Last in the west with a record of 1-4 just doesn’t cut it. Go Blue!

Are you kidding me! A school in Australia has banned clapping at assemblies for students who are sensitive to noise. Instead, teachers will prompt kids to “silent cheer”…stuff like punching the air and wriggling on the spot. When I was in school, there were a lot of lame rules but this one takes the cake!

A new Harvard study says you’re more likely to buy junk food if you bring a reusable grocery bag from home. Researchers say because you know you’re helping the environment, you feel the need to treat yourself. Their advice is to resist the urge by finding another way to indulge like buying a better brand of coffee.

The last Japanese company producing VCR‘s has decided to stop making them. I still remember when we got our first VCR, my sister Penny and I were so excited! And remember those big round discs that movies came on before VHS? I think the first movie I ever saw on VHS was The Evil Dead and it’s still one of my favorites. And who can forget Super Beta! It’s interesting, they’re stopping the production of VCR’s but some VHS tapes are becoming really collectible. Very rare ones are getting $2K a pop! One collector says old movies feel too cleaned-up on DVD and Blu-Ray, they were never meant to look that good…watching them on VHS is closer to the way the director intented them to look.

Have a great week!

Hal Anderson