Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of March 14

I’d like to start by wishing Police Chief Devon Clunis a happy retirement. And while he has every right to hang up his holster whenever he wants after almost 30 years doing one of the toughest jobs there is, I do wish he was sticking around longer. I don’t think a few years is enough time to fundamentally change the way we police this community and that’s exactly what Clunis promised when he became Winnipeg’s top cop back in 2012. He asked us all to buy in and I think we did and then now, he leaves just as really tough decisions need to be made. I guess we’ll never know if likely layoffs played a role in his decision to retire but it sure feels that way. If Mayor Bowman, his council and the members of the police board are reading this, lets make sure the new chief, whoever it is, is in for the long haul.

As I’ve told you here before, I’m enjoying the presidential campaign in the states. And I haven’t taken the Trump circus very seriously, until now. Liberal demonstrators have started showing up at his huge rallies, resulting in ugly confrontations. Both sides have the right to get their point across. But Trump is encouraging his followers to get physical with Sanders and Clinton backers who show up at these rallies. That’s simply unacceptable for a man who wants to be president. I really hope I’m wrong but I see this getting worse unless Trump makes it clear to his supporters violence won’t be tolerated.

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely dealing with a bit of a daylight saving time hangover. Nothing serious but experts claim it can be. They say heart attacks and car accidents are more likely in the days after a time change. Hopefully you’ll avoid both and only experience the simple stuff like grumpiness and feeling tired.

Speaking of hangovers, Thursday is St. Patrick’s Day. Shannon’s and the King’s Head are two local pubs that usually do the day up right. There’s also going to be a parade downtown that’s set for Saturday, a couple days after the actual holiday. Or you could always keep it simple and just go have a Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s.

From the people who brought you Normal Barbie a few years ago, comes Normal Ken. Lammily says its new male doll looks like an average 19 year old. He’s got a BMI of 28.6…yup, he’s overweight. And his legs and neck are both shorter than Ken’s. His waist is wider, his biceps smaller and his abs aren’t all that impressive. The company is even considering an accessory that replicates male pattern baldness. If all goes well with crowd-funding, you should be able to purchase Normal Ken by November.

That’s it for now, have a great week!

Hal Anderson