Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of March 6th

WINNIPEG, MB. – I need your support again Winnipeg and Manitoba! Before I get to that, please let me remind you that in 2004 you voted me the 34th Greatest Canadian Of All Time. If you haven’t seen the video that we put together at the time, here it is.

And now I’m in the finals for the Best Radio Show Personality at the Winnipeg Nightlife Awards on April 14th. So once again, I’d appreciate your support. Click here to vote.

I was just reading at a sports site that the chances of our Jets making the playoffs are down 1.4% to just 8.9%. Go Jets Go!!! But at least we’re not the Pittsburgh Penguins. That team is in hot water with a lot of animal lovers after putting real penquins on the ice before a game. Hey, I’m just glad it wasn’t the San Jose Sharks or Florida Panthers.

Isn’t is crazy the wide range of things President Trump tweets about?!?! Everything from accusing then President Obama of bugging his phone in Trump Tower to taking shots at Arnold Schwarzenegger who announced that he’s leaving “Celebrity Apprentice.” Arnie says it’s all the baggage that comes with the show including Trump. But Trump took to Twitter to say this…“Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t voluntarily leaving the Apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me.”

Roger Waters who plays Winnipeg in late October is teasing us online with this video about his new album. “This The Life We Really Want” will be out May 19th. It’s the first solo record from Waters in almost 25 years.

Here’s some great advice from a college professor. Check out what Madison’s prof put on the whiteboard in their classroom.

And finally, did you hear about this new condom that provides downloadable data on your sexual performance? I have a problem with anything near that part of my body that can be hacked.

Have a great week!

Hal Anderson