Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of November 15

We should probably start with the weather. My weather expert buddy Bruce Johnson (watch for our chats Saturdays here on MyToba) is expecting snow and cold very soon. Here’s his latest info…”A few more mild days and then comes winter. Snow is likely Friday and Saturday. While amounts are still uncertain, if it tracks the way models expect right now, there could be quite a bit of snow along with very strong winds.”

We were up at the lake Saturday doing a few last minute things to put the cottage to bed until next year and I took a great photo I’d like to share with you. It was taken from a deck right on the water at Gordon’s Grove (named after my dad) in Sandy Hook, Manitoba. Beautiful moon rising!


I spent my Sunday afternoon and evening flipping between channels. The Bombers on TSN, CNN was covering Trump’s first staff appointments and over on CBS, 60 Minutes had the first interview with the new President-elect. First, the Bombers. Great season guys! And while it’s easy to criticize Coach O’Shea’s decision to go for a 61 yard field goal, there were lots of other reasons why we lost that game. I’m sad about the loss but I’m also excited about the team we’ll have next year. And I’m going to try and be optimistic about Trump too. I get the sense he’s going to be much different as President than he was as a candidate. I could be wrong but I hope I’m right.

The Black History Month Celebration Committee and The Congress Of Black Women Of Manitoba are holding a fundraiser next month at Rumor’s. It’s December 15th and tickets are just $12.


And one last thing, a plug for a friend. There are a lot of good broadcasters giving the internet a go. The latest is Dug Joy. His Top 40 Time Traveller just launched at top40tt.com. Please give it a listen! Dug is exactly right when he calls it the ultimate retro musical experience. Good luck with it bud!

Have a great week!

Hal Anderson