Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of October 17th

Winnipeg, MB – The creepy clown phenomenon I wrote about last week has officially arrived in Winnipeg with the arrest of two 17 year old boys. They dressed up as clowns and chased people in Valley Gardens. Most people feel this clown thing will die off after Halloween but I don’t think so. I’m not sure what it’s all about but I have a feeling it’s going to continue.

I picked up a pumpkin the other day from Ryan who’s selling them at St. Mary’s and the Perimeter and he asked me if I wanted a little white one too. I thought maybe they were painted or something but no, this is the way they grow. Ryan told me this is the first year they’ve grown them and they’re selling like crazy.


Manitoba retailers should be able to decide their own hours of operation. That’s what I think. A new survey says 68% of Manitobans agree with me. I’m actually kind of surprised we’re still talking about this. Retail is different now. More people are shopping online. So local brick-and-mortar retailers need to be able to do whatever they have to. And as for the argument this would be tough on employees, I don’t buy it. I think there will always be someone who wants the hours.

I like Mayor Brian Bowman. But he’s taking a lot of heat again, this time for pushing ahead with growth fees. This is just the latest example of him doing exactly what he ran against. I often wonder if he mislead us during the campaign or did he just find out after being at city hall for a while that he simply can’t follow through on his promises. Now I know he’s not a politician (and that’s apparently what Winnipeggers wanted) but he better learn to play the game better or he’ll be a one term mayor.

The third and final presidential debate is set for Wednesday night. All I can say is I will be watching along with tens of millions of other people. As for what might happen, who knows. Absolutely anything is possible with this campaign! I am however getting a kick out of the funny videos they’re making with the debate footage. I’m sure you’ve seen the Trump/Clinton duet “Time Of My Life” by now. The latest is Trump singing “Mahna Mahna.” Enjoy!

How’s this for a new multi-tasking gadget. The Swipe & Feed is a piece of plastic that attaches to the bottom of a baby bottle so mom can feed little Billy while at the same time checking her phone. The device is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter.

And one more thought here before I go, I really need to clean this keyboard on my computer. A new study says keyboards are covered in more bacteria than a toilet bowl. 20,000 times more! And while I’m at it, I’d better clean the mouse too. This study claims my mouse has 45,000 times as much bacteria as a toilet bowl.

Have a great week!

Hal Anderson