Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of October 24th

Well, Halloween is just a week away and it looks like the kids will be trick or treating in decent weather. If you missed Hal & Bruce’s Weekend Weather on Friday, my weather expert buddy Bruce Johnson said the long range models are showing no significant snow for us until at least the middle of November. Hopefully the models are right.

I was extra proud to be a Winnipegger on the weekend. The Heritage Classic had me thinking back to 1996 when we lost the Jets and all we’ve been through since then. We were heartbroken to lose the team. Then hopeful for so many years that we might one day get another shot in the NHL. The dream finally became a reality five years ago. And now to host a big outdoor game like the Heritage Classic featuring our Jets in a beautiful stadium like IGF, it just says a lot about this community and it’s heart.

How do you feel about people who dress up their pets for Halloween? I was really against it for a long time but my wife Jackie has convinced me over the years that it can be a lot of fun. Oh sure, I still feel kind of bad for the pets. But I guess my enjoyment outweighs that. And then there’s our dog Hershey who truly seems to enjoy being dressed up. Here she is in her Halloween costume of the last several years. She’s part wiener dog so of course she makes a great hot dog.


But we think we’ve found a new Halloween costume for Hershey. Here’s the video that convinced us we need to switch it up this year.

I hope you were watching The Walking Dead last night. And not Keeping Up With The Kardashians where all you learned was what everyone will be wearing and stealing next year. I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen it yet. But season seven of TWD is underway and O…M…G!!! And this new villain Negan is crazy, I can’t wait to see where they take us this year. By the way, they’ve already said there will be a season eight of The Walking Dead. And while it’s getting almost too violent, It’s easily the best show on TV right now!

I can’t believe this is actually a thing. Maybe I don’t get it because I’m not a dad. But the latest tattoo trend among parents is to have their kid’s artwork permanently inked on their body. Some moms and dads are even letting their little ones do the tattooing.


Have a great week and I’ll be back with more thoughts next Monday which just happens to be Halloween!

Hal Anderson