Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of September 26th

Before I get into other stuff, here’s a quick update on the Best Sleep Centre campaign to raise money for Calvary Temple Children’s Camp. It’s going well but it can always be better. If you haven’t seen the details, David Keam is offering up Supreme Sheets (queen only) for only $59. And if you buy the sheets, you get a free duvet cover with a gift of just $10 to the camp. That’s both the sheets and duvet cover for only $69. Purchased elsewhere, the same quality sheets and duvet cover would cost you a whopping $365. So as you can see, you’re getting an amazing deal. But more importantly, you’re also helping a great cause. Thanks for making a difference.


It didn’t end with a win, but what a comeback by the Bombers Saturday afternoon! Even though the winning streak is over at seven games, the boys showed us fans something–they can play with the best of them (in this case, the Stamps). Even when they spot the other team 24 points. Very impressive.

trillaryThe first of three debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is finally here. Who knows what’ll happen. Will Trump try to be presidential? Even if he does, I doubt he can keep it up for an hour and a half. And with 15-minute blocks set aside for each topic, he might need to get into details. Something he hasn’t really done yet. Just a couple reasons why so many people are expected to tune in. Some think viewership could top 100 million people, that’s M*A*S*H-finale territory. Get your popcorn ready.

I told you a few columns ago, I was going to start getting serious about Hal Knows A Guy. It’s just an old radio bit but I really think it can help good people connect. Perfect example of that happened in the last few days. One of my tenants went to turn on the furnace but no go. So she called a heating and cooling company that came out and said the furnace needs to be replaced for a cost of $3,300. But Hal Knows A Guy. So I called my HVAC buddy Wayne McCaffrey. We go way back, to when I would help host the Children’s Hospital Telethons. Wayne’s father-in-law back then was Gord Young, the original Dr. Goodbear. As I write this, Wayne is repairing, not replacing, that furnace and I’m saving a lot of money. If your furnace is sputtering to life for another winter, maybe it needs a good cleaning. Wayne has a special right now, where he’ll clean your furnace for just $79. Here’s his number: (204) 232-1718. And if you don’t need Wayne right now, still write down his name and number. Winter will be here soon and furnaces often wait until the worst possible time to crap out.

Well, that’s it for now. If you have a thought you’d like to share with me, my email is bighal@gmail.com. Have a great week and I’ll be back with more next Monday.

Hal Anderson