Hal’s Thoughts For The Week Of September 6

WINNIPEG, MB – Well, Labor Day has come and gone so I guess that’s basically it for summer. But, for the first time in 12 years, we’re heading into fall having beaten the Riders in Regina! It wasn’t pretty but hey, we won. Finally, some breaks are going our way for a change. So while I’m not crazy about the end of summer, I am pumped about the Banjo Bowl and the Bombers’ chances of making the playoffs and who knows, maybe even the Grey Cup.

The Bombers have lost one of their biggest boosters. Jerry Maslowsky passed away over the weekend. He was just 58. There will be a celebration of his life Thursday at 7 PM in the York Ballroom at the RBC Convention Centre. Here’s what I posted on Facebook when I heard the news.


Congrats to the Goldeyes for making the playoffs! They fell short of that last year. But in their 23 year history, the Fish have made it to the post-season 18 times! Games one and two against the St. Paul Saints go tomorrow and Thursday at 7:05 PM at Shaw Park.

If you ever wake up with a certain song in your head and you can’t shake it, then you’ve got yourself an earworm. Those pesky bits of music that arise out of nowhere and get stuck in your head for hours or days on end. A team of researchers at the University of St. Andrews has put together a list of the most addictive songs. And topping the list is Queen’s We Will Rock You. Happy by Pharrell Williams and Queen’s We Are The Champions round out the top three.

By the way, I finished binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix. Really good! Cant wait for season two now.

Have a great week and Go Blue!!!

Hal Anderson