My Thoughts For The Week Of January 16th

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Well, its been an amazing week for yours truly since we last talked. I’m back on the air at CJOB! Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be doing a show again on my favorite radio station. Almost three years ago, I was told my contract wouldn’t be renewed and I was walked out of the building after almost twenty years at Power 97 and then CJOB. But, that management regime is gone now and the new boss Brent Williamson and I started talking. Talk led to a deal and I’ll be starting Hal Anderson Weekends February 4th and I’m also CJOB’s Community Ambassador. How cool is that?! It’s also part of my new job to fill in for other hosts when they’re away and so right now, you can hear me on CJOB from six to 10 o’clock weekday mornings on the Shadoe Davis Show. He’ll be back from Cuba in a couple weeks so please tune in, I’m having a blast! Here’s a shot of me, Shadoe and Mayor Bowman from last Thursday when I was on Shadoe’s show.

It’s also been great seeing and working with old friends again, people like Kelly Moore, Geoff Currier and Joe Aiello.

Speaking of good friends, so many of you have followed me wherever I’ve gone. In fact, news of me moving to CJOB the other day went viral online and for a while, I was trending on social media. How crazy is that?! Thank you so much for all your love and support!

And I’ll end this week’s column with a very special shout out to Brian Barkley. After I was released by CJOB, Brian retired. So on my first day filling in for Shadoe, I had Brian on to tell him and everyone listening how important he was to the success of my morning show. We both got choked up. He’s a wonderful friend and he was a great co-host. You’ll be hearing Brian from time to time on my new show.

Have a great week!