My Thoughts For The Week Of November 29

I’ll begin with some great personal news. For those of you who’ve been following my weight loss journey, it’s been four months since my gastric-sleeve surgery in Toronto and I’m excited to report I’ve lost 50 pounds! That’s three pounds a week. In total now, I’ve dropped 170 pounds. Thanks for all your kind words of support and encouragement.

One of my Facebook friends asked me the other day if I’ve heard of the Feed My Lambs Street Mission. I had, but I’ll be honest–I didn’t really know much about it. My friend shared this link with me and now I’m sharing it with you because it’s a great story. Make sure you watch the video, it features a wonderful lady named Hilde. My friend went on to tell me his story. He was homeless until he met Hilde and got his life back on track. Now he volunteers for Feed My Lambs.

Speaking of good causes, this is from my Facebook feed…


Big congrats to the Ottawa Redblacks on their shocking Grey Cup win! I’m a huge Bomber fan of course but when it comes to football in general, I’m more into the NFL than the CFL. But you know what, after Sunday’s battle between Ottawa and Calgary, I may have to change my way of thinking and admit Canadian football is the better game.

I came across a couple fun stories since we talked a week ago. Domino’s was the first to use a drone to deliver a pizza. Now it’s testing pizza delivery by reindeer in Japan. Seriously! That reminds me, don’t forget to play Trivia Tuesday right here on MyToba every week. If you answer my question correctly, you’ll be enjoying some tasty pizza from Domino’s.

NASA has announced its Deep Space Poop Challenge. $30K is yours if you can come up with a solution for the disposal of human waste when an astronaut is in a spacesuit for a week. Get your ideas in by December 20th.

And finally, pre-sales for tickets to Star Wars: Rogue One are going crazy! Hundreds of thousands of tickets sold within minutes. The movie is out December 16th. Some Star Wars fans are so psyched, they actually tried talking to a girl.

Have a great week!